Many plots of land in the Texas Hill Country seem to have been over run by the infamous Mountain Cedar (Ashe Juniper) and HALS is here to help. Our unique approach to removing cedar goes beyond antiquated methods that have undesirable side effects. While cutting or shearing each tree at the base can leave behind stumps, pushing over large trees can leave behind large craters in the ground, both creating potential hazards. .  This is why HALS uses a two part approach that will turn any overgrown ceder thicket into a PGA fairway. First we use a tracked excavator equipped with a mechanical thumb that removes the entire tree, root system and all. After the tree is removed the operator fills in the space left behind and packs the area down with the tracks of the machine as he moves forward removing more trees. The next step is where the bulldozer comes in and piles the discarded trees. With the immense weight of these two machines and the way they work together the land is left cleared, flattened, and compacted. This makes it very easy for the natural grasses to take root and thrive on their own. Whatever your land needs are, contact us via email or give us a call to discuss your project.  Our most common response and even our unofficial company motto is, “We can do that!”. Thank you for paying us a visit and have a blessed day.

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